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Fleetwood Master Art Works, and Galleria. Paris, Washington, Fort Lauderdale.

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Dr. Clifford G. Fleetwood, American Author, Composer, Philosopher, and Lawyer
The Art Gallery.
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   Please Feel Free To Contact Us.
You may do so by using the following information:
Mr. Clifford G. Fleetwood, .
American Author, Composer, and Philosopher
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33317
Office Tele: 954.800.3228
Thank you,
Fleetwood Master Art Works Company.

Dr. Clifford G. Fleetwood, Ph.D, E.JD  International Artist,
               American Author, Composer, and Philosopher, and Lawyer.
                   "The Father Of Philosophical Art"
                      "Fleetwood Master Art Works"
   "The Class, Culture & Style Of The Renassiance"
                        Fort Lauderdale, Florida
              "A Clifford G. Fleetwood Company
                       U.S Office Tele: 954.800.3228